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It is not surprising that children love music. Lullabies are often used as a mechanism to help them get to sleep. Fortunately, this is not the only type of music children love. Turn on a bright and saucy tune and even a baby that cannot yet walk will move their arms and head to the beat. Once walking, there is no limit to the amazing dance moves a small child will attempt. Many parents have gotten hours of entertainment by playing favorite songs for their children's dancing.

Singing is another part of music enjoyed by children. Even if they don't know the words, many will sing along and make up their own. While not realizing their comedic talents, these children naturally participate in the world of music. Their enthusiasm is shared with older children and adults. Group singing is a way to share familiar songs. It brings people of all ages together in a common venue. Children are particularly drawn to this type of music because it is not limited to any age.

One part of music children often fail to enjoy is that used for ballroom dancing. While some are introduced to this music during physical fitness classes, others are forced to attend dance classes. These children are often introduced to formal dancing at an age when they are awkward and shy. Their emotions tend to cloud their ability to hear the music. This disability gets even worse as they attempt to move their feet in the proper direction. Fortunately, many eventually get past these experiences and learn to love ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing has bloomed in popularity as contests have become televised. Often all family members, young and old, will watch these contests together.

Introducing children to music at an early age is a wonderful way to include them in family activities. While singing and dancing skills may take years to develop, a love for music is an immediate event. It takes no skill to enjoy music, just an open mind. Learning about music is one of the most important subjects any child studies. It helps them to understand and experience their own culture and history. It also introduces them to other cultures.