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Every culture has its own particular brand of music. Personalized to the group, this music represents a way of life and the joy of those who live it. It captures the spirit of the group. Sometimes this music is happy for the joys life provides. It is occasionally sad because life can be full of woe. Many times, folk music celebrates the history of people in an area. It highlights the good times and victories won together. It also provides comfort for those who must travel far from home because they can take this music with them.

There are many types of folk music that have become popular all around the world. Celtic music is just one type. The tunes are often eerie and haunting in nature. They capture the distant past of the Green Isle and share its mysteries with listeners. It is sometimes boisterous and sometimes slow and sedate. Underneath, it contains recurrent themes that stay with people long after the last note has faded. This is a large part of its popularity. It can be heard by people who have never been Celtic, but it feels as if it speaks to their soul.

Folk music is not a static type of music. It continues to grow along with the people of an area. New music comes along, but old favorites are always welcome. Its ability to keep up with modern times is one reason folk music continues to be written and performed. It often has the ability to help people cope with new issues in their lives by reminding them of the past. It invites them to look at the wide range of living experiences and see how their people have survived.

Not all folk music is played around the world. Much of it is not widely shared outside of local areas. This is sad because much of this music expresses the trials and tribulations of groups of people. It tells stories that are familiar all over the world. It has the ability to share the basic personality of one culture with people from another.