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The Fun of Dating

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For many people, dating is a serious time to find their life mate. They forget that part of the dating ritual is having fun together as a couple. No one wants to spend the rest of their life with someone who is too serious. There are many ups and downs in life, and being able to laugh together is important. That is one reason there should be some fun and spontaneity in dating.

People who take life too seriously are often less likely to be spontaneous. For a spontaneous person, this may represent an opportunity to find someone who will help them find stability. While this is good in some circumstances, it can also lead to being co-dependent for both partners. The spontaneous person will find stability only through the stable person and vice versa. This is not good. A relationship should be balanced for each partner's needs without any dependency.

There are always different levels of stability and spontaneity in any relationship. Some people like to have fun, but they are not good at finding it. Other people find fun all the time, but they have difficulty being serious. This happens even in situations where being spontaneous is undesirable. Finding out the measure of each person's personality is part of dating. It is a red flag if a person is always spontaneous or always serious. A relationship requires a person to bend so they will not break under pressure.

Going to fun events such as cultural festivals is a good way to measure a person's personality for fun. If they are willing to try new and different foods this is a good sign they can be spontaneous. If a serious person spends the day taking in the sights and participating this is an excellent example of being able to bend. They are much more likely to be a good partner in a solid relationship.