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It is expected in modern society that people get to know each other before making any commitments. The dreaded first date is but one step in this process. It is a time to meet a person in a new venue and take the time to explore thoughts and ideas with each other. One of the forms the first date has taken is going to an entertainment event. It is a way to break the ice and get past the awkwardness of the situation.

Going out on a first date is an opportunity to succeed at beginning to know another person and form a relationship. While entertainment means talking may be at a minimum, this does not really detract from the reason for the date. It gives both people an opportunity to have a conversation about a mutual event. Each will see, hear and experience the event together. They will then filter it through their personal experiences, and they can share the information to see how compatible they are with each other.

Getting to know a person means finding out what they do or don't like. If a person likes the same type of music, they might be more compatible with a person who also likes the same artists and bands. People who don't particularly care for the same music may find themselves spending time together that isn't very pleasant. These basic ideas and concepts must have some compatibility for a relationship to continue successfully.

Going for coffee, tea or a stroll after an entertainment event is important on a first date. It gives each person a chance to discuss the event and what they liked about it. A person who finds positive things to say, even when the experience wasn't up to par, will be recognized as a positive person. This bodes well for a future relationship and its success.